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Next time you’re stopped by the police, be safe and be empowered with on-demand legal guidance from an attorney. TurnSignl is an application that offers easy, expert, and affordable legal help at a touch of a button.

TurnSignl's vetted attorneys help guide the entire interaction with law enforcement and their experience allows them to de-escalate police-citizen interactions.

Traffic Accidents

There are over six million car accidents in the US every year. Being in an accident can be scary and often people don't know what to do. With TurnSignl, you can have access to an attorney who will walk you through the process. They will help de-escalate the situation, inform you what information should be collected, guide you on what to say and not to say, and make statements to law enforcement if they are on the scene. They can even provide you with legal representation post-accident if the other party was at-fault. Accidents happen and we are here to help.

The TurnSignl
Executive Team

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Jazz Hampton, JD

Chief Executive Officer
& General Counsel

Andre Creighton, Mba

Chief Financial Officer
& Chief Operations Officer

Mychal frelix, Mba

Chief Revenue Officer
& Chief Technology Officer

A Letter From Our Co-Founders

We are three professionals who co-founded this innovative and necessary application. TurnSignl is a Minnesota-based tech company that provides real-time, on-demand legal guidance from attorneys to drivers, all while their camera records the interaction. Our mission is to provide a technology-based solution to protect drivers’ civil rights, de-escalate roadside interactions, and ensure both civilians and police officers return home safely at the end of the day. Service will be exclusive to Minnesota for our launch and we will be expanding quickly throughout 2021 and beyond. TurnSignl is more than just an app. It’s a signal for change.

How TurnSignl Works

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    Open the app and immediately get connected to an attorney.

  • 2

    One of TurnSignl's vetted attorneys will guide you and de-escalate the encounter.

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    Our mission is to ensure that everyone gets home unharmed.

Our application is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do when you are pulled over is open the app and press a button to contact an attorney. They will guide you and you can contact the law firm directly if you require representation post-stop.



Individual Plan
  • TurnSignl will be made available to those who cannot afford it
  • Unlimited access to TurnSignl attorneys
  • One Device/Driver
  • Cloud Storage
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Annual Subscription: $75/year
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Employer-Funded Memberships
  • Unlimited access to TurnSignl attorneys for employees
  • One Device/employee
  • Cloud Storage
  • Welcome kit
  • Marketing collateral
  • Available on iOS and Android

Why it Matters

TurnSignl was designed for everyone, but the reality is that minority populations often feel more at risk. Police violence against non-white and LGBTQ communities is disproportionate and systemic. This often occurs because officers don’t always have the proper tools to de-escalate volatile encounters. Additionally, citizens are often not aware of their civil rights and liberties. When stopped, people may become nervous and worry about where the interaction may lead.

Having an attorney present helps reduce tension. It also makes most people feel more comfortable because they know they have an ally on their side. Recording the interaction maintains accountability for all parties. It is our goal to advance social justice and provide safety for all. TurnSignl is not a police monitoring application. We are here to bridge the gap between citizens and law enforcement.



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