May 24, 2021

Benefits of a TurnSignl Partnership for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Research has shown that workplaces that value diversity, equity, and inclusion experience higher revenue growth and increased retention. These companies are also more ready to innovate and their employees feel more valued and more engaged. Creating an equitable workplace is about more than hiring a diverse group of individuals. An effective diversity, equity, and inclusion program should take into account the actual needs of employees and translate these into tangible benefits and inclusion efforts that go beyond vague promises. If you are looking for a way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to equity, a TurnSignl corporate partnership can help you achieve these goals.

What A TurnSignl Corporate Partnership Includes

TurnSignl is a phone application that is available on iOS and Android. It gives individuals on-demand access to legal guidance during traffic stops or accidents for a low monthly fee. With a corporate membership, you can provide unlimited access to this app for your employees. In addition, you will get access to marketing collateral and a welcome kit.

Some of the benefits for your company include:

Increase Diversity

TurnSignl is beneficial for everyone and is made for anyone to use, but it was created with the specific needs of people of color, women, and the LGBT+ community in mind. A TurnSignl partnership allows you to provide a differentiating benefit for applicants who belong to these groups compared to other employers. This can help you attract a more diverse workforce and demonstrates to potential employees that you are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. More and more candidates of all backgrounds are beginning to consider inclusion policies when applying for jobs, so it’s important to send a strong message with the benefits you offer.

Improve Retention

Hiring diverse talent is only the first step to fostering an inclusive culture. It’s important that your company also takes time to retain current employees and new hires. Offering TurnSignl memberships to your team shows that you are listening to the concerns of the community and working to make active changes based on real needs.

Send a Strong Message

Customers and employees alike also demand companies work to be a part of the solution in their community. TurnSignl also allows companies to give financially to provide the TurnSignl APP to members of the community that cannot afford it. A partnership with TurnSignl allows you to provide a tangible solution, via a minority-run company, to help your local marginalized community. You will be able to send a strong message about your commitment to equity. With TurnSignl, you can inform, inspire, and activate your customers, employees, and industry.

Learn More About TurnSignl Corporate Partnerships

A corporate partnership allows you to give your employees a benefit that is tied directly to their safety and well-being. For a very low cost, you can usher in tangible change within your company.

To learn more about how employer-sponsored TurnSignl membership can help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for your business, contact us today.